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Sightseeing in Jewish Rome and Italy - Jews In Italy
We organise tours in the Jewish Rome and Jewish

Daf Yomi 4 Kids (
Daily Talmud study program for kids! Colorful PDF

A Sincere Journey Ends Without JESUS
My journey began with a desire to discuss a

PASSOVER - Jesus Last Six Days On Earth
If you believe in Jesus this book on Passover will

Goldcarpet tours in Israel
Goldcarpet invites you to expierence Israel with

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Science Like You’ve Never Seen It!

A fantastic scientific explanation on how G-d runs the world! Torah and science do correlate!

United States
Self Help for Jews

Connect to deep soul and vibrational self awareness

United States
Shalom Israel Tours

We create awesome tours in Israel!

Shema Anti-Missionary

Got questions about Christianity? I understand. In fact, I'm an ex-Christian.

Sightseeing in Jewish Rome and Italy - Jews In Italy

We organise tours in the Jewish Rome and Jewish Italy.

Six Million Crucifixions

“Six Million Crucifixions: How Christian Antisemitism Paved the Road to the Holocaust”

United States

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Jewish Cafe

Middle East Facts
Site details the history of the Middle East


Made In Israel provides quality Jewish based

Made in Israel - US provides quality Jewish based

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